Beets all in colors ,physalis and mackerel candied

Avocado grilled, melissa, broth of pleurotes mushroom of Paris and Norway lobster (+5€)

Organic chicken egg, mussel marinière and pop corn

Our precious old vegetables, slice of duck cooked slowly whit Timut pepper and figs

Candied brussels sprouts, sorrel, kiwi and half cooked salmon

Butternut, chestnut, wild mushrooms and Saint-Jacques

Cake of potatoes and celery, cereals, poultry from south west of France, roasted juice

Carrots of sands, purslane and samphire, sweetbread of lamb roasted

Butternut and glazed colorful carrots, fried mushrooms and potato espuma

The cheese board

Soufflé Dupin with the ribot milk ice cream, clementine

Chartreuse baba with lemon from Menton, almonds, tarragon-verbena

Chocolate-creamy pie, roasted and glazed peanuts

Candied pear with ginger